YakAttack Leverage Landing Net, 20'' x 21'' Hoop with Foam Extension

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Introducing the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net, the game-changer for kayak fishing enthusiasts! Designed with a revolutionary forearm grip that offers unbeatable stability and control, making it the ultimate net for landing fish while on your kayak. With its hinged design, the handle easily folds alongside the net, allowing for compact and hassle-free storage. The foam-covered extension on the handle ensures a comfortable grip and makes it compatible with tube-style or flush mount rod holders. Boasting a 20'' x 21'' hoop and 56'' overall length, this net provides exceptional control and accuracy without the need for a bulky hoop. This essential fishing gear is backed by YakAttack's Built for Life Guarantee, ensuring lasting quality and performance. Catch your next big fish with ease using the YakAttack Leverage Landing Net!