Boonedox Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender

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Extend your truck bed an extra 4 ft.! Strong 300 lb. capacity crossbar offers leverage for easy tilt-up loading.

Transport kayaks, canoes, lumber and other long items securely.

Crossbar gear track can hold accessories and doubles as a gear holder for tailgating, fishing and more.

This new groovy design takes your T-Bone to a whole new level.  With the ability to accept most track-mounted items on the market, your T-Bone® can now accompany you and the kids on the bank fishing trip and will accommodate your fishing rods, cameras, drink holders, etc.  At the end of the day, simply remove the guideposts from the T-Bone® and use a wall-mounted track to neatly hang your T-Bone® for better garage organization.


  • Rugged anodized, 50” horizontal aluminum cross-bar
  • Extends to add 48" to the end of your truck bed
  • Red powder-coated aluminum bent support
  • Stainless steel fasteners 
  • High-density plastic cover to protect your kayak
  • Adjustable / removable guideposts 
  • Gear grooves on 4 sides of the aluminum extrusion
  • Weighs only 14 pounds 
  • 300 pound capacity