Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 - Galaxy - includes free paddle!

Wilderness Systems
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Introducing the improved Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 - a legendary sit on top recreational kayak loved by paddlers. This versatile kayak is perfect for rivers, lakes, and oceans, offering enhanced comfort, stability, speed, and paddler interface. With its dynamic on-water performance and unparalleled stability, the Tarpon brings boundless paddling perfection. The Phase 3 AirPro seating system ensures maximum comfort and support, while innovative features like the DryTec Case, MagnaTec magnetic water bottle holder, and flexible mounting options elevate your overall experience. Explore with confidence using the protective skid plate, convenient carry handles, and industry-leading storage capabilities. Customize your kayak with the SlideTrax accessory rails, and keep your valuables safe in the removable dry box. Experience the best-in-class Tarpon 120 and embark on your next adventure!

Package includes Kayak City Alloy paddle