Old Town Predator MK Angler Motorized Kayak w/FREE Fishing Package

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The Predator MK Minn Kota provides any angler the opportunity to fish more rivers, more lakes, more ponds and more coastal areas than any other watercraft.

Designed with input from professional anglers, the Predator MK is the ultimate fishing machine. When you're hunting for the 'big one' give yourself as many options as possible, add a Predator MK to your fleet and get there first. Like the rest of the family, MK incorporates all the innovative Predator features that put anglers on top of the food chain. The Predator MK Minn Kota bridges the gap between fishing kayaks and bass boats and shallow water skiffs. This game changer is the combination of the Minn Kota motor and foot controlled rudder system, which allows you truly hands-free fishing. Now you can work your local shoreline like a tournament BASS angler, moving and casting at every dock, stump or over hanging limb without taking your hands off the rod to reposition your boat. We guarantee you will fish more and catch more fish!


  • Minn Kota Electric Motor Console

The top designers at Old Town teamed up with the technology innovators from Minn Kota and voilà, a modular system was born! At the heart of the Predator MK Minn Kota Kayak is a revolutionary electric motor console that weighs a little over 25 pounds, yet delivers 45 pounds of silent thrust, with infinitely variable speed control in both forward and reverse so you'll enjoy completely hands-free navigation, trolling and structure fishing. Maximum speed is 5+/- mph. This console is easy to drop in place and remove in seconds, so you can stash it in a secure location (like inside your vehicle) while transporting your kayak or when leaving it unattended. The included battery box is ready to plug into the pre-wired system and holds a Group 24 rechargeable, deep cycle, sealed marine battery (sold separately).

  • Hull Design

You'll find the roto-molded, single-layer LT900 polyethylene tri-hull is wide enough for extra stability when you're casting, reeling in and landing your trophy catch, but still tracks well to get you in position quickly. LT900 polyethylene is strong and durable to withstand years of rugged use. Even the deck features a proprietary textured design called Exo-Ridge that helps ensure you and your gear stay on top of the kayak in addition to helping channel onboard water to the scupper holes. And speaking of scupper holes, the Predator MK Minn Kota Kayak's hull has 8 scupper holes with patented one-way Scupper Valves to drain away any water that makes its way into your kayak, so you and your gear won't sit in a puddle of water all day. Four built-in carry handles are provided to make portaging easier and offer convenient places for tying up to docks or other kayaks and anchor points.

  • Cockpit Furnishings

The large cockpit features the adjustable Element seating system and Support Track foot brace system that easily adjusts to accommodate your leg length or a change in position when conditions dictate. Molded-in paddle rests free up your hands when opportunity strikes, and you need to grab your fishing pole quickly.

  • Element Seating System

Form meets function and comfort in this remarkably versatile seat designed specifically for anglers. The TRAVEL position provides a lower center of gravity when you need more stability. The ATTACK position provides raised seating for additional leverage when fishing. The Element seating system can also be quickly flipped out of the way into the STAND-UP position for poling, sighting and casting. A tackle tray storage shelf is tucked underneath.

  • Support Track Foot Brace System

The Predator MK Minn Kota Kayak has a comfortable foot brace system that offers contoured rubber and extra padding (a welcome feature for bare feet) to provide a secure grip and added control. An intuitive, easy-to-reach adjustment system and position indicators makes it easy to get the foot braces set to the same comfortable length on both sides (up to 48").

  • Rudder System

The aluminum alloy used in the rudder can take lots of abuse, bending and rebending before it breaks. With some care this aluminum rudder should last a lifetime. When deployed you use the foot pedals to guide your kayak to the right or the left.

  • Storage

The large bow hatch has a roomy opening so gear bags, foul weather gear and other essentials can be stashed inside. One simple click locks the cover down and keeps gear secure and dry. There's also a large capacity Exo-Ridge tank well with a bungee tiedown in the stern to hold gear you need to access quickly. This is the perfect place to stow your cooler, the battery for the trolling motor, tackle boxes and more. Both sides of the cockpit also have dual recessed tackle holders for ready access to your most used gear.

  • Fishing-Specific Features

What is a fishing kayak without LOTS of places to mount all the fishing gear you could possibly want? The Predator MK Minn Kota is no exception! With no less than six, strategically placed, high-strength removable mounting plates, you'll be hard pressed to find a rod holder, fish finder, slide track or GPS unit you can't easily mount. Add accessories from brands like Scotty and RAM Mounts—all without the need to drill into the hull! You'll also find dual rod tip holders in the bow and rod retainer bungees on the sides that make it convenient to grab your rod and cast in a hurry. A stand-up assist strap is included to add extra leverage for standing up while underway.


  • KC Fiberglass Fishing Paddle Paddle 240 cm - $120 Value
  • 2 - RAM Tube Jr. Rod Holder with 6" Extension and Quick Release Track Mount - $70 Value
  • 2 - YakAttack 9" Mighty Mounts - $30 Value
  • 2 - Hobie Rod Leash with Quick Release Clip - $40.78 Value
13' 2"
600 lbs.
92 lbs. (117.5 lbs. w/motor)