Big Rig

Jackson Kayak took a LONG list of features from other kayaks in their lineup and packed them into this fishing machine.

The Big Rig comes ready for standing with the new two-layered standing pad! The rear tankwell has now been paired with Ram Rod Holders and Yak Attack Gear Tracks to make this kayak completely customizable to whatever set up is convenient to the fisherman. Jackson's goal was to design a kayak that anyone can paddle no matter their size, experience in a kayak, or their fishing turf. The result is a kayak that paddles stable, smooth, and covers ground fast. Its hull design allows for both big and small fishermen alike. The Big Rig is a fast kayak that can take you over big bodies of water, yet maneuverable enough for small rivers and marshlands. The speed comes from a new innovative design in the outer keels that was designed for the Big Rig. It tracks straight and carries the speed well. This kayak has smoothest hull in the Jackson fleet which helps you control your drift. This allows you to make the right casts at the right time without having to battle steering the kayak.