Aquaglide Inflatables

Why limit yourself with roof racks and cumbersome storage when you can have all the performance benefits of a top quality kayak stored in a backpack that travels with you?

But with so many types of boats, choosing the right kayak to fit your lifestyle can be a daunting task. Aquaglide Kayaks are lightweight, durable, portable and, most importantly, performance-oriented. These attributes make them ideally suited for recreational paddling, touring and adventure travel. Our kayaks have changed the way people think about inflatables. By combining thoughtful, purpose-built designs with exciting new technologies, we have created a new breed of water craft never before possible; performance inflatables. These innovative boats are designed to fit perfectly with your lifestyle and inspire the confidence to pursue your next adventure, wherever that may lead.  We've created not only fun, exciting products, but also a community of people around the world who are inspired by their time on the water and anxious to share their experiences.