Hobie Soft Cooler/Catch Bag - Large

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If you’re keeping fish to eat, it’s important to store your catch out of the sun and away from predators. The Hobie® Soft Cooler / Fish Bags are ideal for the job. Constructed of vinyl coated polyester, the Hobie Soft Cooler / Fish Bags boast a half inch of closed cell foam insulation. The closures are tough too, durable zippers. The Hobie Soft Cooler / Fish Bags are designed specifically for kayak fishing, where space is at a premium. The large model includes convenient top-side Bungee® that provides a place to stash extra gear. Gear security is covered too, for those who venture into wild waters. There are three rugged D-ring tie-downs on each side. At 36 inches long and 8 inches deep, and 20 inches wide tapering to 10, the volume of the large Soft Cooler / Fish Bag is approximately 70 quarts. It’s shaped to ride comfortably in the rear cargo area, or perch on the nose of your Hobie kayak.