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The Mirage Passport takes you anywhere you want to go with the ease of pedal power and the world-class authority that comes with the Hobie brand.

Every feature is designed with your entertainment in mind. And everything we have in mind for you is seriously fun. The easy-to-use steering system and simplified version of our twist-and-stow rudder puts navigation at your fingertips and a smile on your face. Enjoy the power and simplicity of the Mirage Drive Classic. Pedal to places others can’t. Move easily across shallows or through the weeds and reach even the most remote waters without tiring. After all, we work hard so your legs don’t have to.

Our job is to design fun pedal kayaks. Your job is to enjoy yourself.

Experience the Passport today.


  • Two-tone Hull
  • Mirage Drive “Classic
  • Suspended Mesh Aluminum Frame Seat
  • Steering System with Stowable Rudder
  • Aluminum 2 Piece Paddle
  • Rod Holders (2)
  • 8” Twist-n-Seal Hatch
  • Accessory Mounting Tracks (2)
  • Vertical Accessory Tube (Sail and Bimini)
  • Bow and Stern Cargo with Bungee
  • Replaceable Keel Guard
  • Stackable Hull Design
  • Cargo Scuppers for Hobie Cart and Hobie Livewell


  • 2- YakAttack Zooka II Rod Holders
  • YakAttack LevorLoc Anchor Trolley
  • YakAttack Sidewinder Anchor Line Management System
  • Sea-Lect Designs 3.5 lb. Folding Anchor Kit
  • 2- Hobie Rod Leashes
  • YakGear Paddle Leash
10' 6"
325 lbs.
Fitted Hull Weight:
65 lbs.
Full Rigged Weight:
75 lbs.