Hobie Mirage Drive GT w/Glide Technology | Used

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The Hobie Mirage Drive GT has twin underwater flippers that propel you with surprising speed. The new MirageDrive features Hobie's new Glide Technology so you can pedal faster, more efficiently. The ST fins are easy to pedal but still offer enough resistance to build up speed and keep pace if a sail kit is being used. The pedal-drive system on the Hobie Mirage kayaks makes it a great choice for anglers, photographers and anyone who would like their hands free while in their kayak. Features standard blue fins and neoprene foot pads and self-centering pedals.

• Replacement drive fits all Hobie Mirage kayaks

• Self-cleaning mechanism (resists wear from sand and other particles)

• Durable construction of injection molded plastics, anodized aluminum, stainless steel fittings

• Features new neoprene foot pads and self-centering pedals

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