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Introducing the Hobie MirageDrive 180 forward-reverse propulsion system, featured in all 2017 model year Mirage kayaks. Weighing in at under eight pounds, the MirageDrive 180 produces full power in both directions and offers unprecedented maneuverability. The user can pull one of two shift cables to pivot the fins 180 degrees, almost instantly from forward to reverse and back again. The dual fins provide shallow water access and easy shore landings by simply pushing one pedal forward. Imagine the possibilities: backing fish out of cover; safely fishing closer to obstructions; or fishing downstream while holding in current. Hands-free propulsion in any direction means better control: to cast, to present baits, and to concentrate on landing bigger fish. Pictures can be snapped, or cold beverage enjoyed on the way back in without ever stopping. The MirageDrive 180 continues to deliver on Hobie’s legacy for snappy, reliable performance, confidence inspiring power and all-day efficiency.

  • Compatible with older Mirage Kayaks:   The MirageDrive 180 is interchangeable with Previous Hobie Mirage kayaks that feature Click and Go mounting assemblies.
  • Forward and Reverse:   New 180 shifters spin the fins from forward to reverse in a moment. Uniquely, the MirageDrive 180 produces full power in forward or reverse. Back off the beach or away from a dock; pull fish out of cover; and hold position in current.
  • Shallow Waters:   The MirageDrive 180 can navigate shallow water by using partial pedal strokes and the fins fold up under the hull for beaching.
  • Glide Technology:   Delrin roller bearings at key friction points reduce resistance for a smooth and efficient ride.
  • Click-n-Go:   mounting system allows near effortless MirageDrive removal for cleaning or storage. Installation is a snap.
  • Adjustable Pedals for all heights:   The MirageDrive 180 is height adjustable from tall adult to child size. The crank arms click quickly and easily into place along the drum, providing a pedal stroke best suited for your height.
  • Maintenance:   The MirageDrive offers exceptional quality with minimal maintenance. A quick rinse with freshwater when you’re done for the day and an occasional spray with silicon lubricant is all it takes.