AT Pursuit Angler Fishing Adjustable length Paddle | 240 - 250 cm

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Measuring tape graphics and a line hook cutout are sure to give both beginner and intermediate anglers a competitive edge.

Ideal for any fisherman's paddling style, the new Pursuit Angler features a signature fiberglass reinforced injection molded nylon blade for a full range of performance and versatility, and the same fully-adjustable ferrule system – allowing up to 10cm of length adjustment and unlimited feathering – found in the Advanced Angler carbon blend straight shafts.

*Ferrule Adjustment: Quick, easy, and precise. Simply open the lever, adjust the shaft for custom fit, and close the lever. Enjoy unlimited feathering, down to a single degree, and up to 10 cm of increased length.


  • Weight: 36.5 oz

  • Length: 240 cm

  • Blade Size: 605cm2


  • Shaft Material: Carbon Blend

  • Blade Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon

  • Ferrule: Unlimited Feathering; Adjustable Length