Adventure Technology Oracle Angler Paddle 240 cm

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Ideal for a more aggressive stroke style, the high angle blade improves boat control and maximizes stroke efficiency.

Our most powerful touring paddle has been transformed into a new high-performance kayak fishing paddle. Its blade design has less dihedral than the Odyssey Angler, providing an even more powerful stroke for ultimate control, with a Duraweave® reinforced tip for superior abrasion resistance. Also featuring an extended ferrule for 10cm of length adjustment, unlimited feathering, and a measuring tape graphic on the carbon blend straight shaft, as well as a line hook and colorful digital camo graphic enhancements on the blade.

Ferrule Adjustment: 

Quick, easy, and precise. Simply open the lever, adjust the shaft for custom fit, and close the lever. Enjoy unlimited feathering (down to a single degree) and up to 10 cm of increased length. Engineered for a precise fit and smooth operation. Specifically designed components for maximum compression and long-lasting durability. Made with heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced nylon and noncorrosive stainless steel hardware.

Ferrule system is compact and efficient to reduce overall weight.

Easy to remove lever makes tweaking tension a cinch.

Just pull apart, rinse with freshwater, and start planning your next paddling trip.


Weight: 32.5oz / 921g

Length: 240 - 250 cm

Blade Size: 610cm2


Shaft Material: Carbon Blend; Standard Diameter

Blade Material: Fiberglass Duraweave® with Innegra™

Ferrule: Unlimited Feathering; Adjustable Length