2023 NuCanoe F10 with 360 Fusion Seat - Fishing Kayak | Army Camo

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The F10 is the compact fishing kayak  that is perfect for rivers and small lakes+ ponds.  It combines awesome stability and stellar maneuverability, so you can spend more time fishing and less time paddling.

The F10 has a 20″ wide deck, with loads of Freedom Track that can be outfitted as you like.   Stand up or take advantage of the 360 seating to always face the action.  The F10 is motor-ready and pairs perfectly with a PowerPole.  Off the water, its 10′ length makes transporting it a cinch.

The 360 Fusion Seat is standard on the F10.  It delivers superior comfort and support All Day Long.  With 360 Mobility, you can always face the action and easily access gear behind your seat.   The Fusion Seat features a recumbent seat bottom, adjustable seatback, and a rock solid, track mount base so you can position the seat where you want.

Weight: 62 lbs.
Width: 39"
Length: 10'
Capacity: 500 lbs.