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Inspired by their best-selling fishing kayaks, the folks over at Jackson Kayak decided to up the ante by creating the Cuda HD Rudder Ready Kayak, which is the newest edition to the Cuda family. This heavy-duty (HD) kayak differentiates itself from the rest of the lot with a longer length and slightly wider size that ultimately ensures increased tracking, speed, and stability. Additionally, the deck staging has been improved, so you're able to fish comfortably and quietly.

The Cuda HD features a longer and wider hull design for improved tracking and speed, while the full standing pad dampens vibrations as to not scare away the fish and provide a comfortable feel underfoot. The newly redesigned Elite Seat system features a Hi-Low setting, allowing you to get low or elevated while the Therm-a-Rest lumbar pad is fully adjustable and provides a pillow-like and supportive feel. A center and front hatch provide ample storage room and features easy-to-use latches for effortless opening. Not to mention, the Cuda HD is equipped with Line Cutterz, SealLine Seat Pouch, and Platypus Hydration System for maximum adaptability, and the multiple tackle box storage options ensure that you're able to bring all the gear you need—without having to leave any at home.


  • A heavy-duty fishing kayak for cruising small waters
  • Improved hull design provides smooth tracking, stability, and speed
  • Multiple hatches assure easy storage of electronics and storage
  • Ram Rod holders and rod tubes keep rods secure
  • Gear tracks offer effortless accessibility for mounts
  • Standing pad ensures comfort and dampens vibrations while standing
  • Elite Seat and Therm-a-Rest lumbar support for a comfortable cruise
  • Paddle keeper is resistant to UV rays and temperature extremes


Length: 12’ 10”

Width: 33”

Weight: 85 lbs.

Capacity: 425 lbs.


  • Kayak City Angler Series Fiberglass 240 cm

The Kayak City Angler Series 240 design features an aggressive dihedral angle for easier pull through the water and a large powerful blade face to get any boat moving. The blade is made of a durable fiberglass reinforced nylon. The stiffness of this blade promotes ultimate stroke efficiency. We know you will enjoy this paddle on your next adventure. Our fiberglass shaft is manufactured using aerospace grade fiberglass and epoxy resin. The result is a shaft with excellent strength to weight ratio.

  • AT Pursuit Angler Adjustable Length Carbon Shaft 240 – 250 cm

Measuring tape graphics and a line hook cutout are sure to give both beginner and intermediate anglers a competitive edge. Ideal for any fisherman's paddling style, the new Pursuit Angler features a signature fiberglass reinforced injection molded nylon blade for a full range of performance and versatility, and a fully-adjustable ferrule.

  • YakAttack Track Mount Paddle Holder

The YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder sheds a new light on the age-old problem of paddle management. Compatible with YakAttack’s MightyMount, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems, kayak and SUP anglers have lots of options for installing and configuring this handy little gadget. Super low profile at 2.25" tall, the Rotogrip Paddle Holder grips the paddle shaft between two soft rollers, securing your paddle quietly and with just the right amount of tension.

  • Anchoring Package

  YakAttack LevorLoc Anchor Trolley

The first anchor trolley designed specifically for the job, the YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley features a LeverLoc line clamp, which locks your trolley line in place with a simple “flip of a switch” motion. Keeping the trolley lines in line is the PadHook, a simple but clever design that combines the functionality of both a pad-eye and a hook, keeping even the tightest trolley lines in place on the side of the kayak, not over your gunwale. When not in use, the easy-knot trolley ring snaps into the base of the LeverLoc, quietly secured until deployed. Includes 35’ of USA made 550 paracord with a highly reflective tracer. Features Harken® Pulleys for super smooth operation.

  YakAttack SideWinder Anchor Line Reel

Get your anchor line under control with the SideWinder! Designed to make anchor line management simple and effective, the YakAttack SideWinder has some great features packed into a simple and effective design. The line lock groove keeps just the right amount of line deployed, and the tail rope passage means it can be deployed outside your anchor trolley ring for true quick release in dangerous situations. For flat water with no current, use the track mount holes in conjunction with Mighty Bolts and knobs from YakAttack to attach the SideWinder directly to your kayak's track system.

  Sea-Lect Designs 3.5 lb. Folding Anchor Kit

The SEA-LECT Designs Folding Anchor Kit includes everything you need to get started. It comes with a 3.5 lb. folding anchor, 20' of 3/16" line, and a handy mesh bag.

  • Hobie Rod Leash with Quick Release Clip

Keep those nice fishing rods from swimming away with the Hobie Rod Leash. Secure the rod leash to your boat with the brass snap and your rod with the adjustable bungee loop. A quick snap connection feature allows easy detachment of the Hobie Rod Leash when needed. Heavy duty webbing construction and quick connect hook.

  • YakAttack VISICarbon Pro Track Mount Safety Flag w/LED Light

Designed to meet the needs of serious kayak anglers as well as recreational paddlers, the VISICarbon Pro sports unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, and portability with plenty of style. The ultra-thin mast and instantly recognizable flag combine to offer excellent performance with low wind drag. The Silent Snap flag attachment system provides a secure attachment that allows the flag to be removed in seconds, allowing the collapsed unit to be stored inside.

  • Suspenz Smart Airless Kayak Cart

Suspenz has introduced their newest cart with Airless - no flat tires. The Deluxe cart rolls effortlessly while fully loaded with a kayak or canoe and all your gear. Built with a sturdy aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware.

Folds down to: 27" x 13" x 3"

Comes with a mesh storage bag

Platform size: 13" x 18"

10" airless tires

150 lb. weight capacity

Rubber bumpers to protect the hull from dings, dents or scratches

Dual-arm kickstand for extra stability while loading kayak or canoe

Plastic wheels so they don't rust

Arched axle for better ground clearance

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