Kilroy LT

The Kilroy LT is a thermoformed version of the popular Jackson Kilroy kayak. The Kilroy made a splash as a sit-inside kayak but with convenient utility features normally associated with our sit on top kayaks. Using thermoformed plastic you get a platform that is a bit longer and wider than the original and an even more rigid hull. This new and improved Kilroy will paddle even better and the thermoformed technology means it is also even lighter! Based on the Cuda 12 hull, tailored for all outdoorsman - the kayak fisherman, hunter, wildlife photographer, birder, etc. The Kilroy has become a flat-water “go-to” kayak. Featuring a unique molded floor system, an interchangeable front and rear hard deck system. A rigid dashboard deck with tackle storage, 'glove box' like storage bin underneath, and other fishing features. The Kilroy LT includes standard YakAttack tracks and Screwball and RAM rod holder. The Kilroy LT’s gloss finish will turn heads on the water and the thermoformed technology will make for a stiffer, faster kayak. The Kilroy, a groundbreaking design has broken new ground with this thermoformed version. Welcome the Kilroy LT!

Length: 12' 10" | Width: 32" | Weight: 56 lbs. | Capacity: 400 lbs.


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